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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  September 17, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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on our broadcast tonight, days of rage, new anti-u.s. protests, including a massive demonstration in beirut. and tonight there are questions about the security in the attack that killed the ambassador. and too much salt in our diets, especially for kids and how many american children are at serious risks. and over the top, the battle over the revealing photos of kate middleton go to court. and as for her, the one thing the royal couple probably didn't need on their overseas trip. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. good evening, there were new protests today against the united states. and this time in some countries
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where we didn't see unrest last week. indonesia, pakistan, and afghanistan where americans, of course, are already under fire and always targeted. this round stems from the film made of muhammad, that went viral and ignited the rumor mill. it is apparent that u.s. interests overseas may be entering a new phase. we begin in our kabul bureau tonight, with nbc's atia abawi. good evening >> reporter: last week they blocked google, hoping to stop the violent demonstrations, but today, hundreds took to the streets following the example of other muslims, in response to the anti-muslim film produced in california. afghan police put out the flames of fury and anger.
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violent is -- demonstrations hit kabul today police responded with stones and tear gas. this man says we will never tolerate any mockery of our prophet. tear gas, along with water canons, were used to control crowds in indonesia, the world's largest muslim-populated country elsewhere, they threw cocktails. and in lebanon, they peacefully marched through the streets, men, women and children, and the leader of hezbollah came out, calling on the protesters to protest against what he calls america's attempt to sew strife between christians and muslims. but nato has more to worry
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about, over the weekend, eight service members were killed in taliban-claimed attacks, six were americans four americans were killed on sunday, in yet another attack as they came to the assistance of police officers only to find that the guns were pointed at them. >> this is a widespread, major threat to our strategy, the recognition that the withdrawals going on in this short run, you have got to be prepared to live with a new reality in afghanistan. >> reporter: according to our pentagon concept, jim miklaszewski department of defense has halted most joint-u.s.-afghan operations until they can find a way to quell this alarming trend that has already cost 51 coalition lives this year. officials call it a lack of trust. shoulder to shoulder, afghans and americans fighting alongside together.
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that has been nato's mission to produce a successful end to america's longest war, but hoping that the process, raises the question by some, can there be a good finish. atia abawi in our kabul bureau, starting us off tonight, thank you >> thank you, even as the protests continue, so does the fallout from the murder of those four americans, including ambassador christopher stevens at the u.s. embassy compound in benghazi, libya, new reporting tonight on the security situation before the fatal attack. >> reporter: today, the burned out consulate in benghazi is sealed off, and security is tight. but why was there not more security the night that four americans were killed over the weekend, the ambassador, susan rice claims, there was a strong security presence at the consulate. >> we had security personnel in benghazi, a significant number,
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and tragically, must be the four were two u.s. security personnel. >> reporter: but other sources contradict that account, saying the two former seals, glenn dougherty and tyrone woods, who saved lives were not in libya to provide personal security for the ambassador or for consulate personnel and u.s. officials say consulate security consisted of a u.s. regional security officer and a local militia, known as the february 17th group, which guarded the outpost. chris stevenss often had little security detail >> the security there was very low, i would characterize it as no security whatsoever. shocking and irresponsible. >> reporter: that, even though libya is an unstable country ayman mohyeldin has more. >> reporter: libyan officials say there was plenty of facts to
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pick up on, the borders were wide open, and should have alerted them to beef up security at the compound. >> reporter: others have requested a thorough investigation. >> it is not explainable and inexcusable that our personnel were not better protected. >> reporter: the state department says it has enhanced security where appropriate around the world, and says it will not comment further on details pending an fbi investigation. lisa meyers, nbc news, washington. and tonight, a recording of mitt romney at a private fundraiser has gone public in remarks he thought would stay among those in the room. the gop presidential candidate is heard giving a snap shot of the electorate that will raise eyebrows when heard. the recording was released to the liberal magazine "mother jones." before we talk about it we want to play a portion of it.
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>> for the past three years, how are you going to do it, in two months before the elections? >> well, there are 47 percent of the people who were with them, who are depending, who believe the government has the responsibility to care for them believe they have responsibility, who believe they're entitled to health care, to food, you name it. entitlements, government -- and they will open this no matter what. and the president starts off with 48-49 -- he starts off with a huge number, these are people who pay no income tax. 47% of americans pay no income tax. so our message of no taxes, doesn't connect, we'll be out there talking about the rich. and so my job is not to worry, they should take personal
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responsibility, what i have to do is convince the five to ten % that are independent in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not. >> so that is the newly released recording of mitt romney, as promised, let's go to our chief white house correspondent and political director, chuck todd, in the d.c. news room. and long there were fundraisers by politicians there have been these small gatherings where remarks are made, supposed to stay in the room where these did not. >> reporter: that is right, you don't necessarily know, is the candidate saying what he truly believes or is he saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear, particularly at a place like a fundraiser where partisan red meat is had, not just rubber chicken, if you will, that they eat. but the videotape, our national
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correspondent acquired, you do get a sense, at least of what the campaign is thinking. mitt romney sounded like a pundit, saying there is 47% of the people going to be with the president. no matter what. but the part where he said they pay no income taxes, that they will be part of the government. he put out a statement, trying to deal with this a little ways. and it is a reminder president obama when he was candidate obama, had a similar incident where he was overheard talking about analyzing folks in the state of pennsylvania, saying they cling to their guns and religion. and brian, it is a political comment to this day that is still a political problem for the president to deal with in those states. >> and a couple of things here, the kind of story line politically, already was in-fighting among members of the romney campaign staff. a lot of it going back to what happened or didn't happen at the gop convention.
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has the romney campaign responded yet tonight about this? >> reporter: well again, on this comment, they said hey, mitt romney wants to be president of all americans. and that is the part that the obama campaign wants to drive home, he is writing off 47% of the americans, trying to divide the electorate, that is what both sides do, accuse the other side of dividing. they have new advertisement out, more of a message they want to put out. so let's see what happens, we have a couple of weeks until the next debate >> of course it is in the eye of the beholder, chuck todd, our political director. in the president's hometown of chicago, the hopes were high that the teacher's strike would be settled over the weekend and done with. it was not, and kids missed another day of school there today. our chief education correspondent rehema ellis has more on the strike that is in week two.
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>> reporter: this is still going on, the city is not just waiting for the union to make the next move. >> ctu. >> reporter: while teachers return to the picket lines, the city went to court, seeking an injunction to force them back to work. >> our goal is to do everything we can, possibly, to get the children back in school. >> reporter: claiming the strike is illegal, and after a summer plagued by violence, the city says the walkout presents a danger to public health and safety. the union responded saying if this was an illegal strike, the chicago public schools would have looked for injunction on day one sunday, 800 teachers and representatives met for several hours, but rather than approve the nearly 200 page document,
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they gave them more time to review the proposal >> we don't want to be out here, but we have to be out here. >> this is the deal we got, okay? this is not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination, not to what our members are prepared to have. >> reporter: this would include a 7% salary increase over three years, 30% of a teacher's evaluation would be based on the test scores. principals retain hiring power, but half of all new hires must be laid-off teachers while many still support the teachers. >> nobody knows the things the teachers go through and how hard they work. >> reporter: disappointment is growing. >> the teachers say they're doing it for the best interest of the kids. but why couldn't you continue to have the kids in school while you continue the negotiations. >> reporter: the labor experts say prolonging this provides problems for both sides. >> just like a messy divorce, where parents fight harms the children, where we have these different stakeholders fighting and being adversaries, it harms
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the students. >> reporter: the judge has indicated a hearing on the injunction request will happen on wednesday but it may not be necessary. the teachers meet again and could vote to end the strike without a court order. brian? >> rehema ellis in chicago tonight, thank you. the occupy wall street movement marked the one-year anniversary of the original gathering in lower manhattan just today, with another march on the financial district. more than a thousand people showed up this time. the nypd kept them away from the new york stock exchange building and big bank headquarters about 100 people at least were arrested by mid-afternoon. protesters also gathered in 50 other cities today, including san francisco, asheville, north carolina, and hawaii. and when nightly news continues, this monday evening, an important new health warning tonight for parents. what too many kids are eating far too much of and the serious risk it poses. and later what we're
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learning tonight about who snapped those photos of kate middleton, and how it was a prying lens went undetected.
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tonight we are learning just how early in life the problem of high blood pressure can develop. 67 million american adults have it, and we learn more today about how the problem is starting with our kids taking in way too much salt and the reports are bad. our report from chief correspondent robert bazell. >> reporter: she insists on a healthy diet for her kids, because of a family history of strokes and heart attacks. it includes limited salt.
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whole foods have very all right salt, and fresh vegetables, lean meats have very little salt >> reporter: but too few families are making this change. the center for disease control recommends a certain amount, the amount is 2300 milligrams a day. kids are getting an average of more than 3300 >> kids are consuming more salt than anyone thought they did. and that the high salt intake is associated with high blood pressure in children. >> reporter: the blood pressure in children went up from 1.3 to 2.4 times more than normal. in kids already overweight or obese, the blood pressure went up five times. >> if you're overweight, and you don't eat well and consume those type foods, they go together. >> reporter: most school lunch programs have been working to cut salt, but snack foods and
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fast foods are a big concern. one serving of pretzels, or potato chips, a big mac, a whopper with cheese, and a kfc chicken breast has about half the daily need they worry that the taste for salt forms in childhood, and becomes a life long habit, making it very important for children to consume as little of it as possible. as for this 12-year-old? >> i eat healthy foods, but i like the taste. >> reporter: doctors wish more kids shared her tastes. up next tonight, the news in black and white, specifically word of a new arrival at the national zoo in washington.
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apple doing okay, they announced today 2 million people pre-ordered the new iphone 5,
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in just the first 24 hours, that is more than double the pre-orders for the current model, the iphone 4 s analysts predict long lines at apple stores when they go on retail sale. and this is constitution day, 225 years to the day since it was signed. to mark the occasion, the national archives put something on display we never saw, the 5th page of the constitution, known as the resolution and signed by george washington himself, containing instructions on ratifying the constitution, and holding the first presidential election ever. and washington out of control, not for the usual reasons. a baby panda has been born at the zoo. the mother gave birth sunday night. and while zookeepers thought they saw a look, the sound of the high-pitched squealing confirmed the arrival of the cub.
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the zookeepers say mother and child need to bond for a couple of weeks before they can conduct their first physical exams. up next here tonight, news tonight on the royal photo scandal, when we come right back.
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finally tonight, most people seem to have the same reaction. as a young married couple, william and kate should have the freedom and security to be able to go on vacation together without the eyes of the world coming along with them. sadly, that was not to be in a series of intruding topless sun-bathing photos, appearing on the web, in print and on television. while they have kept up appearances on an official trip overseas. the damage, in a way, got worse today just as the trip got more colorful. our report from nbc's stephanie gosk >> reporter: in the solomon islands, this is the red carpet treatment. the duke and duchess of cambridge couldn't have missed the irony. of all the greetings, topless
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women, traditional female dress in the south pacific this has kicked up a fire storm. in paris, they are seeking an injunction to stop a french magazine from further publishing the photos of the topless princess, claiming they are an invasion of privacy. william and kate were vacationing at a private area in the south of france, and sitting by the pool one woman snapped the images from half a mile away, more than seven football fields on a public road. the french court could levy fines, but with images everywhere on the internet and thousands of magazines sold, the damage may have already been done. >> whatever the amount of damages that a french court will award, it will be a fraction of the publicity that the magazine will have gained. >> reporter: which is probably why an italian magazine
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published its own 20-page series of the photos the editor of that magazine said not even a phone call from the queen would have stopped him. the palace is fighting an up-hill battle, one it lost before, most recently, photos of prince harry in las vegas after a night of playing pool but it is not likely the palace will back down, the memories of princess diana were still fresh. >> the first reaction was anger, it showed me nothing has changed. >> reporter: tonight, the royal couple is staying at a luxury hotel, their room covered by a high fence. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york that is our broadcast for this monday night as we start a new week. thank you for joining us. i'm brian williams, and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac --
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right now at 6:00, after a wave of officer resignations, this one stings for san jose. the city's police chief says he's stepping down. we take a look at what now? it looks like the first day of school all over again for students on the peninsula trying to rebuild after this massive fire. oakland a's playing hopes are soaring high. good monday evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm


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